Tablets, a help or a hindrance? Pebble Gear US Disney Kids Tablet

Tablets, a help or a hindrance?

Tablets, a help or a hindrance?


Many of us worry about the effect that devices such as tablets and mobile phones can have on our children, however, it’s important to consider what positive influence technology can have too. A child’s development can have an enormous impact on them in later life and more parents are being drawn to innovative ways to help their kids prepare for the future.

So, how can technology help rather than hinder? 

Over the last decade, many schools have introduced complex technology studies in their curriculum. So, children can benefit from using a tablet at home by getting ahead of the curve and getting to grips with the basics. While games and apps can sometimes prove to be an unwelcome distraction, if used in the right place, at the right time, they can also improve spatial awareness, reflexes, and strategy. Pilots have been using simulation games for decades to practice their skills, which goes to show that play is not all about procrastination!

The world of work may feel like a lifetime away for our children but, it’s worth noting that, as of 2016, almost 90% of jobs require digital skills. It’s vital to learn how to use digital devices, from writing and drawing to composing music or making films. Tablets help prepare children for the future, tech-centric workplace and promote confidence and creativity.

We all recognize that children need to learn but, do we think about how children want to learn? With as many as 7 learning styles being identified, it’s clear that children all have various ways of absorbing information. Using a tablet as part of additional learning at home, or as part of school study, combines the best of seeing, hearing and doing. Tablets make it easier than ever to tailor learning to individual children as it gives them unique and memorable ways to learn.

The most beneficial impact that a tablet can have is presenting an opportunity to bond with children! Children are keen to show what they and their tablet can do, so whether it’s studying for a spelling test or reading an e-Book together before bed, you can potentially tighten your bond.

Can you think of any other advantages of children using tablets? Let us know!